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El Momento Lahore Menu

El Momento is the best steakhouse in Lahore located at MM Alam Road Gulberg 2 Lahore.

The restaurant has become the talk of the town from its sensational opening ceremony(December 2022). What makes El Momento stand out among others is its cozy ambiance, prime location, very well-mannered staff, Live food preparation, sleek overall look, and obviously a genuine pleasure to your taste bud through its delectable cuisine, especially the steak is superb scrumptious. The entire warmth of this place will keep you hooked!

If you are planning a family dinner or a romantic candlelight dinner with your special one- this place is nevertheless best for you!


Cozy Ambiance:The restaurant has been designed with a lot of thought and care to create a specific ambiance. We used moderate lighting to help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while a subtle, cohesive color theme can add depth and interest to the space. The use of elegant interior design elements further enhance the sense of comfort and relaxation at El Momento.


El Momento’s overall ambiance is wonderful to relax and unwind.

Cool Atmosphere: The atmosphere at the restaurant greatly enhances the dining experience, and from the moment you step through the door, a well-crafted aura can exhilarate you to a place that is both refreshing and inviting.

Well-Mannered Staff: The staff is impressively organized, impeccably well-mannered, and dressed to perfection.

Quick Customer Service: El Momento provides excellent customer service and responds promptly to its customers’ inquiries, whether they are making a complaint or a reservation. Because we value our customers and their time. We are dedicated to providing them with the best possible experience.

Live Cooking View: It’s a truly satisfying experience to see your food being prepared right before your eyes, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the dining experience. To experience something truly enchanting about a live cooking view – the sizzling sounds, the aromatic smells, and the visual display of fresh ingredients coming together to create a wholesome fine dining venture. 

Cleanliness: At our restaurant, cleanliness is a top priority, which is why you can always expect a clean and sleek environment, we strive to provide a spotless and hygienic for all of our customers. Our well-maintained toilets promote good hygiene and reduces the risk of contamination. 

Best Steak (Tender & Juicy) Steak is the most prominent dish in this restaurant and every bite of the steak is a burst of flavors, with the meat cooked to perfection to retain its tenderness and juiciness. Whether you prefer a rare, medium, or well-done steak, the chefs at El Momento have the skills to cook it to your exact preference, ensuring to delight your taste buds every time. 

Economical food: From the top-notch comforts and exquisite decor to the impeccable service and breathtaking views of the restaurant in every aspect of your visit will exceed your expectations. You’ll feel like royalty as you indulge in the finest dining, relaxation, and entertainment, all for a price that won’t leave you feeling guilty. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to treat yourself to a truly indulgent experience that you won’t soon forget!

El Momento Address:

Ground Floor, Building 43-L2, Mini Market, MM Alam Rd, Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore

El Momento Contact Number:

For reservation or any query contact at this number +923111100315 or email at 

El Momento Restaurant Special Dishes:

Dish Price (pkr)
Boeuf Au Feu Rouge 1980
Filet De Boeuf 1950
Steak Au Poivre 1899
Chef Spécial Boeuf 2050
Boeuf Mexicaine 1899
Thom Wok Beef 1899
Cheesy Stuffed Chicken 1499
Poulet au Parmesan 1350
Poulet au Fromage Bleu 1450
Poulet Moroccan 1350
Fish and Chips 1250
Parmesan Crusted Fish 1899
Golden Fried Prawn 1599
Hot Buffalo Strips 1350
Rattlesnake Pasta 1250