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The Top 8 Restaurants for a Hearty and Fun Brunch on Yas Island

Brunch is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your family and friends and enjoy a fantastic meal at the same time.

Thetop restaurants in Abu Dhabi offer a warm ambience, lovely interiors, stunning views, fantastic food and excellent service. You and your loved ones or friends will love every minute you spend at one of these dining spots talking and bonding for hours due to the comfy seats, cosy atmosphere and delectable menu offerings.

With these elements, you can make the most of the time you spend with your companions and treat yourselves to incredible food.

With a wide variety of dining options, Yas Island in Abu Dhabi is the perfect destination for all local and travelling brunch lovers.

From gourmet restaurants to waterfront eateries, you’ll find the perfect venue that will give you and your fellow diners the ultimate brunch experience.


The Best Brunches on Yas Island

If you want to know where to have the best brunch on Yas Island, below are eight of the best, most recommended restaurants:

1.     Amerigos

Amerigos is a Mexican-inspired dining spot at Park Inn by Radisson Abu Dhabi.

This restaurant is famous for its fun, lively theme days and nights, such as Friday Nights on Tuesdays, Mercadito on Fridays and Acapulco Saturdays Brunch.

Amerigos’s colourful décor and lively atmosphere make it an incredible place for long meals and conversations with your friends or loved ones. You can enjoy all these plus magnificent views of Yas Link when you dine at the restaurant’s outdoor dining area.

Their regular menu features authentic Yucatán dishes like fajitas, quesadillas, tacos and churros.

For brunch, have your fill of tasty appetisers, main dishes, desserts and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

2.     Aquarium

Aquarium is one of the top restaurants on Yas Island featuring stunning waterfront views. 

This restaurant offers scrumptious sharing platters, gourmet salads, grilled seafood and meat for brunch. Their beverage menu features a variety of hot and cold drinks that go well with your preferred dishes.

Aquarium’s seafood dishes feature fresh ocean catches, making them a must-try for your brunch here.

The restaurant’s beautiful décor, lively atmosphere, comfy chairs and spectacular marina views make this place one of the perfect brunch spots to go to with your loved ones and friends.

3.     Atayeb

Located at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, Atayeb is a contemporary Middle Eastern restaurant known for its delectable fusion of flavours from different regions in the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf.

Its menu boasts a fascinating array of Moroccan, Tunisian, Lebanese and Syrian cuisines.

Atayeb offers a brunch menu that features traditional hot and cold mezze dishes, slow-cooked meats, tajines and fresh salads. You and your fellow diners will also have plenty of beverages to accompany your meal.

The restaurant’s decor is chic and modern, with a cosy ambience perfect for a leisurely brunch with people you want to spend time with.

4.     Cipriani

Cipriani is a classy, contemporary Italian restaurant that serves authentic dishes in a sophisticated setting. Their menu features classic and hearty pasta and meat dishes and fresh seafood.

This year, this renowned fine dining restaurant offers all diners a monthly premium brunch experience.

Their monthly brunch menu features simple Italian food made to perfection and offerings from the crowd favourite Japanese-inspired Yotto menu. Their offerings cover a variety of delectable appetisers, mouth-watering main courses and tempting desserts.

All dishes are made to be shared and served directly to the diners’ tables.

You and your fellow diners can also get your fill of fresh sushi prepared by the onsite sushi chef.

Cipriani is located on Yas Marina.

5.     Diablito

Diablitobrings the laidback, cool Mediterranean flair to Yas Island.

The restaurant features a two-storey rooftop venue in Yas Marina. Its original yet diverse menu boasts authentic Mediterranean dishes, including tapas, pinchos and pizzas.

This dining spot is also popular for treating diners with great music provided by the local house DJ or live act.

Diablito’s Saturday brunch package includes tapas, paellas, and pizzas to share with selected house beverages.

If you and your companions are looking for incredible eats and music and a cosy venue for your next brunch, Diablito’s should be on the top of your list.

6.     Garage Abu Dhabi

Located at W Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Garage Abu Dhabi is a high-concept eatery boasting different culinary specialities.

This restaurant is known for its weekly B.I.G Brunch which features dishes from five different culinary zones, which are Asian, Levantine, Japanese-Peruvian, meat-centred and ‘Tarts from the Van.’

What’s more, you can pair your food with cold beverages from the restaurant’s signature ‘Tap on Wheels’ cart.

Garage Abu Dhabi’s vibrant interior is the perfect spot for you and your fellow diners to have lively conversations about anything under the sun. Its resident DJ and spectacular racetrack views make every minute you spend here worth your while.

7.     Hickory’s

If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant serving brunch, Hickory’s at Yas Links Abu Dhabi is your best option.

Hickory’s can be found inside Yas Links’s famous clubhouse. It has a cosy and inviting indoor dining area and a terrace with unmatched views of the renowned golf course and the Arabian Gulf.

During its Saturday brunch, you and your family can indulge in Indian cuisine and succulent roast beef. You also have a wide selection of beverages to choose from to pair with your food.

Your youngest kids can even make their own dining selections during the restaurant’s weekly brunch.

When you want to unwind after enjoying your fine meal, sip your choice of tasty hot or cold beverage.

8.     Origins at Yas Viceroy

Origins is an all-day dining restaurant featuring contemporary cuisine with a strong focus on local ingredients and an extensive selection of vegetarian dishes.

The restaurant’s chic and contemporary interior bursting with a vibrant ambience makes it a perfect brunch venue for diners of all ages. It also has a spacious terrace that gives customers incredible views of the Yas Marina Circuit.

The brunch menu is packed with a delightful assortment of food from appetisers to desserts from various regional and international cuisines.

You can enjoy these dishes served fresh from the live cooking stations and specialist food counters.

If you want an amazing brunch to start your ladies’ day with your girlfriends or a family vacation on Yas Island, you have plenty of great restaurants to choose from that will surely give you a hearty meal and the complete dining experience you’re looking for.


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